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How To Subscribe

Employment News is available in e-version as well as print version. You can subscribe to any of them or both.

e-Employment News

  1. 1. How to register for subscribing to e- Employment News?
    1. a) Visit and click on e-Subscrption tab or click on the link:
    2. b) If visiting this portal for the first time, create an account by signing up. If already registered with the portal, enter the required details & submit.
    3. c) A dashboard will appear.Click on e- version tab. It is available in English & Hindi .
    4. d)Choose the desired subscription package 6 Months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years.
    5. e) Choose mode of your payment- online, offline.
    6. f) You will be directed to a secured e payment gateway of bharatkosh portal. Click on the tab below to confirm the credentials given on the page once again.
    7. g) In case of online payment, net banking, credit card, and debit card options are available.
    8. h) Choose one of the options and proceed for payment by giving the required information.
    9. i) Note down or take out a print of the transaction details for future reference and correspondence.
    10. j) You will receive an activation mail within the next 48 hrs. If you face any problems at any stage ,kindly email us at

  2. 2. What are the advantages/benefits of Employment News e-Paper?
    1. It offers you the exact print edition in digital format. You get to read all the editions on a single site. Some additional features like access to archives, read mode, zooming etc. are also available.
  3. 3. What special features does Employment News e-Paper provide?
    1. Many special features have been added to enhance your e-reading experience. Look out for the icons placed on the top of the page/window. A few are elaborated below:
    2. a) Zoom In/Out: To read as per your convenience
    3. b) Search for a keyword/article is available to refine your search based on job type, job nature, location, age-group etc.

  4. 4. How to search for articles on the portal?
    1. You can use the "Search" link that is currently present in the horizontal grey navigation bar for this purpose.Feed in the search term or your keyword and then select option of articles/ads depending on what you are looking for - to narrow down your search, then click on Search.If you wish to search for articles / ads of previous issues, check out the tag search feature that lets you search all editions at one go and also allows to specify a set of tags based on your job preferences.

  5. 5. How to read if the article is too small or the content is not visible?
    1. Click on the zoom in/out option given at the top to see the content as per your visibility. Also there is a Read View option given alongside to give a realistic newspaper reading layout.

  6. 6. How are sections/content organized?
    1. The Content Panel will show you the editions published for the selected year and selected date. It is displayed on the top left hand side.

  7. 7. Can I see/read/access earlier issues?
    1. You can access all earlier issues from the date your subscription is activated.

  8. 8. Do we have to pay to read Employment News e-Paper?
    1. Yes, Employment News e-Paper is now available only on paid subscription.

  9. 9. What is the subscription cost?
    1. Print Version Cost: Rs. 265 for six month, Rs 530 for one-year, Rs 1000 for two year and Rs 1400 for three year subscription.
      e-Version Cost: Rs. 200 for six months, Rs 400 for one year, Rs 750 for two year and Rs 1050 for three year subscription.

  10. 10. What is the accepted mode of payments?
    1. We accept payment online as well as offline. Online payment can be done through net banking, credit card, debit card, and other options provided by Bharatkosh payment gateway. For offline payment Cheque,Demand Draft, IMO are accepted.

  11. 11. How safe is the payment gateway?
    1. Our payment gateway is secured by Thawte SSL. Kindly click on the yellow lock in your browser to verify the same.

  12. 12. What to do if I am unable to complete the payment as my card is getting declined?
    1. Kindly use another credit or debit card. In case the problem persists, please contact your Bank's customer support to find out a possible solution.

  13. 13.What to do if I do not receive the activation email?
    1. You will receive the same within 48 hours. In case you don’t receive the same within the stipulated time, please email us at with Employment News paper ID and transaction no.

  14. 14.What to do if the Link does not open or is not visible in the activation email.
    1. Please view email in HTML mode.

  15. 15. What to do if I want to view the invoice for my subscription?
    1. Post login into kindly click on 'My Account' link to view your transaction history.

  16. 16.Can I cancel my subscription and discontinue mid-way and receive a refund?
    1. No,subscription cannot be cancelled mid-way. There will be no refund.

  17. 17. How to renew my subscription?
    1. You need to click on ‘Add Subscription’ tab and make the payment once again to renew you subscription.

  18. 18. What to do if I forget my password or e-paper ID
    1. Passwords are case-sensitive. So please recollect the exact password you opted for while registering. If the problem persists, follow the given steps to reset it:-
      1. Visit the following link:
      2. Please enter your e-paper ID or email address registered with us and submit.
      3. An email containing your employment news e-paper ID along with the link to reset the password will be sent to you.
      4. Follow the link to reset/change your password.
      5. Please note the new password will be effective in approximately 1 hour.