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Success Stories

Success Story-10

 Helping Students Without Boundries: Singhal 

‘Transtutors’ is an education portal offering online tutors for assignments in various subjects. It provides assignment and homework help to university and school students 24X7 across the globe. A team of 20000+ qualified Academicians, experts and tutors have come together to help students with their problems, to provide better education services and learning opportunities through its focused modules on Homework, help in preparing for examinations. The team has helped thousands of students across the globe to achieve stupendous success in their assignments.

Transtutors has an added advantage of inducting Tutors who are in-demand worldwide along with access to the latest web-based technologies for online tutoring. They have trained academicians who are well versed with the curriculums of schools and colleges in US, UK & Australia.It is one of the fastest growing online tutoring companies. It is a unit of Tran web Global Inc. - a market leader comprising of a wide spectrum of educational services. Virtual Learning and Online Tutoring has been on the rise among students because of its multiple advantages. It is user-friendly and uncomplicated, cost effective and the most important part is that it can provide an eager student an instant connection to a tutor. It is the best podium for students and tutors to connect and solve problems related to assignments, questions, projects- anything and everything related to education.The rigorous pre-service and in-service training programs and certifications that our tutors undergo, give them a holistic and comprehensive knowledge about the cultures, education systems and linguistic specificities of regions across globe. Company has been able to make learning a fun experience for students and tutors. Their personalized teaching methods make students work on basics as well as advanced concepts and are able to meet with their short and long time academic needs and goals. Founder of Transtutors Aditya Singhal told Employment News about his journey as an entrepreneur. Here are the excerpts of  the interview:

Question : How did you get idea for the business?

Answer: There is an interesting story behind this. We were three batch mates staying in a 3 bedroom apartment in Gurgaon. Each one us had a room. One day one of our batch mates, Hemant, decided to move out. Both I and Nishant were left and we had to bear the cost of third room also. We decided to start evening tuitions to he kids in our society. We placed pamphlets in 10,000 Times of India copies in Gurgaon, but not even a single kid turned up for tuitions. So we thought lets try online tuitions. We started sending emails to companies in USA asking them to try tutors from India. We got our first client very soon and that’s how our journey started.

Question :  What was your mission at the outset?

Answer: When we started, our mission was to break down geographical barriers to good education.

Question :   How many employees work in your company?

Answer: Around 100 people

Question : What services do you provide?

Answer: We help Students raise their grades by (a) Helping in College Assignments through Question & Answer Bank, Q&A Bank contains 1Million + academic Q&A, and (b) Helping in understanding of concepts and clearing doubts by connecting them with live tutors More than 15,000 tutors are there for 9 Subjects – Stats, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Maths, Engineering, Computer Science, Management, Science, Humanities.

Question :   How do you advertise your business?

Answer: a. We rely on Search Engines like Google to drive traffic to our site. Whenever a student searches for any help on an assignment, our site pops up on the rankings resulting in organic traffic.

b. We don’t do any paid marketing as unit economics doesn’t work out very well. And since we are bootstrapped, we can’t play on Lifetime Value.

Question :   To what factors do you attribute your success?

Answer:We attribute our success to the fabulous team which we have built over the years. We realized early on that great business can only be built by rock-star team and hence made every effort to accumulate good people.

Question :   What made you choose your current location?

Answer: We started off from Jia Sarai as it was close to our IIT hostel. Students from IIT Delhi and JNU were first teachers that we hired. After the classes they used to teach from our office. We offered from good hourly tuition rates plus free food and cold drinks. From there we moved to Noida as we grew.

Question :  What is unique about your business?

Answer: Most unique thing about our business is ZERO Marketing Cost as all our traffic comes from organic means. Coupled with Zero marketing cost, we also have ZERO inventories Cost i.e. We get answers from tutors on Royalty Model. Hence tutors get paid only when a subscription gets sold from the answer.

Question : What are the responsibilities as the boss of a firm?

Answer: Boss is like captain of a ship. He has to do whatever possible to ensure that ship is in steady state. When we started, we (both Co-Founders) used to do everything ourselves, be it business development, marketing, accounting or tutoring. But as we grew, we have focused more on hiring the best talent and motivating the entire team to give their best.

Question : What made you choose this type of business?

Answer: We never thought of option B, we just started with whatever came to our mind and never looked back. 

Question :   What will be one piece of advice to someone just starting out?

Answer: Neither there was a better time yesterday, nor it would be tomorrow. If there is a perfect time, then it is TODAY.

Question : What are the two challenges you have faced in your business?

Answer:Recruiting and retaining good talent and Since our entire traffic comes from Search Engines, our constant challenge is to keep ourselves updated with changes in their algorithms.

Question :   What do you feel about the sustainability of startups in India?

Answer: It’s a very good time to start in India as start-up environment is much more congenial than what it was 6-8 years back. And this congenial environment provides more laxity to experiment longer thereby increasing chances of sustainability.


- Amit Tyagi